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Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library

The Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library Foundation is building a Presidential Library in Dickinson, ND to preserve the legacy of America’s 26th President.

Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library

Coming 2020

Theodore Roosevelt, America's 26th President
No President ever enjoyed himself in the Presidency as much as I did; and no President after leaving the office took as much joy in life as I am taking.
— Theodore Roosevelt

A Presidential Library for Theodore Roosevelt


One hundred and one years after his death, Theodore Roosevelt will finally have a Presidential Library.  

Theodore Roosevelt is one of the four presidents commemorated on Mount Rushmore. Historians and citizens alike consider him among the five greatest Presidents of the United States. His homes at Sagamore Hill and in New York City are vivid testaments to his life, as are our National Parks, our position in the world, and our sense of what it means to be Americans. And yet he still has no Presidential Library. The Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library Foundation is building one for him. In addition to being home to the first fully-digital Presidential archive, the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library will provide visitors, students, scholars, and enthusiasts with unforgettable experiences and unexpected insights into our 26th President.


Elkhorn Ranch


Theodore Roosevelt spent the better part of four years (1883-1887) ranching, hunting, exploring, and living the life of a cowboy in the badlands of western North Dakota. He fell in love with the landscape, which he said reminded him of the poetry of Edgar Allan Poe, and invested in two ranches: the Maltese Cross and the Elkhorn.

The TRPLF is recreating the Elkhorn Ranch cabin as the first structure on the Presidential Library site.