Designing the Building

In early 2016, JLG Architects of Dickinson created conceptual drawings to inspire the imagination and to illustrate the potential of the site. These drawings are merely conceptual and the finished building is likely to look significantly different. However, the drawings signal the possibilities for designing a facility that is unique and interesting in its own right, in addition to the exhibits inside and the natural environment around it.

JLG Architects have been chosen as the Architect of Record, and will work closely with landscape architect and museum design firms to develop an overall plan for the buildings, grounds, and landscaping of the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library.

Rise to the Presidency

"I rose like a rocket," Roosevelt proclaimed about his political career. As a Presidential Library, the facility will feature Roosevelt's actions as President and his enduring influence on American life.


Outdoors and Indoors

Chapter IX of Roosevelt's Autobiography, quoted above, calls for an appreciation of both nature and the life of the mind. The Presidential Library will invite visitors to explore both the natural world and the world of study and scholarship Roosevelt so valued.


As Much Westerner as Easterner

Western North Dakota was Roosevelt's second home. Many of the experiences he relished describing to others, in print and in person, happened during his ranching days in 1883 to 1887. The Presidential Library will tell these stories and investigate how his western experiences influenced his character, commitments, and success.