State Reaffirms its Support for TR Presidential Library

The North Dakota 65th Legislative Assembly today passed Senate Bill 2003, which provides funds to begin construction of the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library (TRPL) in Dickinson next year.  When Gov. Burgum signs the bill, $10.5 million will be available on July 1 for planning, design, and construction plus an additional $750,000 will be available for operations. The bill requires that construction on the TRPL facility be well underway by Dec. 31, 2018.

“The operational funds will allow the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library Foundation to move forward more aggressively with fundraising, public relations, and architectural design work,” Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library Foundation (TRPLF) Board Chair Bruce Pitts said. “This has been a grueling session for our legislators. We are grateful for their continued support.”

The TRPLF is currently in the programming phase of the project during which key decisions are being made. This planning will inform both the design of the building and the exhibits it contains. The infusion of unrestricted funds will facilitate and accelerate this progress.

“This is an incredibly exciting time to be part of this project, and we are determined to make the state and city proud of their confidence in the success of the TRPL. The public will see a lot of activity on the site in the next 18 months,” Pitts said.